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"The course was presented in a logical, comprehensive manner. The tutor was interesting, insightful and humorous; a good presentation combination."
ILS & SE Management
"Comprehensive coverage of the subject. A very good course.."
NATO C3 Agency
"Use of real world examples and software tools helped bring home the learning points"

Venue Location: - Northampton

Course Tutor Dates Duration


ILS and Supportability Engineering Management Stephen Hunt 11th Jun15th Jun 5 days
Systems Engineering Across the Life Cycle Patrick Williams 25th Jun27th Jun 3 days
Supportability Engineering & Logistic Support Analysis Stephen Hunt 10th Sep14th Sep 5 days
Cost of Ownership, WLC, LCC & LORA Stephen Hunt 1st Oct5th Oct 5 days
Contracting for Availability and Support Paul Fisher 8th Oct10th Oct 3 days
Due Diligence for Successful Contracts Kevin Atkins 15th Oct16th Oct 2 days
Availability, Reliability and Maintainability Stephen Hunt 12th Nov16th Nov 5 days
ILS and Supportability Engineering Management Stephen Hunt 26th Nov30th Nov 5 days
Reliability Centred Maintenance (RCM) Paul Fisher 3rd Dec5th Dec 3 days