We’ve noticed an increase in demand from our clients to organise In-house or Onsite training in a wide range of topics including Management Focus, SME topics, Contract Awareness and more so we thought we’d highlight some of the advantages and benefits.

The Advantages and Benefits of In-House Training include:

  • Training Cost saving
    The cost per delegate is typically less when compared to sending the same number on public training courses
  • Travel Cost saving
    No need for employees to travel any further than their offices and incur extra costs
  • More specific
    Generally running a course for a single client or project allows the training to focus on specific items that are causing issues within the business
  • Convenience
    Fit around the working schedule of the staff and at a location they come to everyday
  • Team Building
    A room full of delegates from different departments can encourage greater team work, awareness and understanding of each other’s role

Customising training

You can brief our trainer about the developments and goals of your business, allowing the training to be designed around what’s most important to your delegates. Our trainers will be more than happy to tailor training to make it relevant and specific, as it will produce the best outcomes from the training course.

Our trainers constantly develop and create content for training courses to ensure that the courses remain current, applicable and effective. Apart from specific information about your company, you don’t need to supply the trainers with ideas or tasks for the session, although the course can include specific scenarios that you would like us to incorporate.

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