We realise that everyone attending a course has their own work issues to address. Our courses cover theory and application of the fundamental principles of the disciplines. We refer out to international standards, focusing on the process as well as applying the thinking behind it.  For over 18 years delegates have visited us from all over the world (we’ve a map in the office full of pins) and hearing about how others have approached similar issues provokes great discussions in class. Our tutors have a vast experience of their subject areas, with examples of how they have applied best practise to less than ideal scenarios too. They are always willing to talk about relevant, specific issues on a one-to-one basis at lunchtime or after hours.

In House Training focuses on the specific needs of your organisation. You tell us where you are now and what the training is going to achieve. We liaise closely with you to make sure we focus on the areas you need to be discussed. Training on site can make good financial sense, saving on travel and accommodation. There are advantages to everyone learning the same thing at the same time from someone outside the organisation. Discussions that take place in the classroom can ease the path when implementing new processes or policy later.